Beaded Black Widow necklace…


I wont to share with you a beading pattern of beautiful necklace-Black Widow.


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Beaded Butterfly Pattern

Here you are a pattern of a beautiful beaded butterfly.  it’s quiet easy to make it, so look at it, analize and make it.


Beaded Golden Fish

Hello everyone. Today we are going to make  beaded Golden Fish, just like you see at the picture.Some may think that its very hard to do it but I will say that such golden fish can be made by anyone.

So, lets start our work. We will need for our work:

1. Glass for cognac( like you can see at the photo)

2 .Beads(red,green and golden)

3. Scissors

4. Some glue

5. Wire

6.   2  plastic circles( more info you can find in post)

Thats All tools that we will need in todays lesson. Lets start working..

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Bugle Beads

Bugle Beads-one of the types of beads, that is most popular nowadays. It is made by cutting tubes.  Such beads,that have length from 4 cm to 30 cm are called Bugle Beads.

If the tubes are cutted with some angle. Thats why they become too sharp. My advise will be to interleave such sharp beads with ordinary rounded beads.

One of the most good quality if bugle beads isBright shine in reflected light. Thats why nowadays more and more people decorate their clothes with bugle beads.

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Beading Needles

Hello everyone. Our today’s topic is how to choose perfect beading needle for your beadwork. As you already know, beads differ from each other by type and size. So, before you choose your beading needle, decide what beads are required for your project.

If you are using small beads (for example you are making a beaded tree or something like that) the best choice will be one of the smallest beading needles. You can see it at the picture:

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