Troll Beads.

troll beads

Troll beads are one of the most popular and most unique types of beads. But what are troll beads?  Troll beads are beads that have history, they can tell you their own story.

Troll beads have been around for 30 years, but they are still very popular becouse of their design. Collecting these beads is a real entertening hobby for bead jewelry lovers. There is a large variety of troll beads. Everyone can create unique troll bead bracelet or troll bead necklace with the help of troll beads. The only limit that you’ll have is your own mind and imagination.

Another reason, why troll beads are so popular today is that they can show your personal sence of style . Troll beads can be made of different materials : silver, gold, glass.

Beading Tools You Will Need

beading tools

If you have recently started beading or just planning to start, you may not yet realize how essential it is to have the right beading tools. If you don’t have the right beading tools, your beading will be much more difficult and less enjoyable. That is why choosing the right beading tools is your first step forward toward success beading.

But choosing beading tools is not an easy job. There are many different kinds of beading tools and it’s impossible to know which ones you really need.  As a beginner, you might not need all the beading tools immediately. The best way is to start with a small selection of the most necessary tools, and then, expand your collection when you find that you need different beading tools.

Beading tools can be found at special beading stores. If you are lucky to have a beading shop near you home, you should visit it and look at their selection. While tools may look similar in pictures, similar tools from different manufacturers often have a different feel. You may find that you prefer one over another if you try them out in person. If you can’t visit a store in person, there are may websites where you can buy all your beading tool needs.

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Beads sizes

You already know that there are a lot of different types of beads. One of the most important difference is the beads size.

 Beads can be very small or rather big.  If you are interested in making beads or making beaded jewelry, you should know which size will be the best choice for you jewelry. Here is a table for sizes of beads. Take a look at it.

2/0 5,4-5,8
3/0 4,9-5,3
4/0 4,4-4,8
5/0 3,8-4,3
6/0 3,3-3,7
7/0 2,9-3,2
8/0 2,5-2,8
9/0 2,2-2,4
10/0 2,0-2,1
11/0 1,8-1,9
12/0 1,7
13/0 1,6
14/0 1,4-1,5

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Beaded furniture.

Today we are not going to make beaded jewelry. We are to make something special: beaded furniture.

The beaded furniture, that we are going to create is rather small, about 2 inches (6-7 cm). But the size of your beaded furniture depends on the types of beads that you have chosen.

So, stop talking and let’s start our business.

The first thing that we should do is to choose which type of beads you are going to use. In this lesson, I have used ordinary rounded beads… Learn more about different types of beads.

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Beaded Bracelet – Hugs and Kisses Pattern

Today we will learn how to make a beaded bracelet like you see in the photo above. This pattern is often referred to as a “Hugs & Kisses” design. With the help of the pattern, you will easily manage to create this beautiful beaded bracelet.

For the Hugs and Kisses bracelet you will need two sizes of beads: large beads and smaller beads with size 11/0.  Continue reading Beaded Bracelet – Hugs and Kisses Pattern

Popular Types of Beads. Part II

 Hello everyone. I would like to continue the previous post about popular types of beads. As you already know, beads differ from each other by their shape,size and colour.  Here’s a description of the most popular kinds of beads and the characteristics of each one.

Dichroic Beads: Are high end art beads that come in a numerous variety of colours and shapes. The beads are produced when multiple layers of metal oxides are applied to the surface of regular glass and then formed into beads. The colour you see in the bead depends on what metal oxides were used and how much was used. These beads are most impressive because due to the metal oxides, the colour seems to change depending on the angle it is viewed at.

Dichroic Beads

Fusible Beads: Are small, plastic and colourful beads that are placed on a special reusable pegboard to form a picture. They are then melted together using an iron. The beads come in a variety of colours while the pegboards come in a variety of shapes. They are very popular with children.


Fusible Beads


 Lampwork Beads: Are handmade through a process of layering and adding different colours of glass to create a three dimensional bead. Since they are handmade, each bead is unique in colour, shape and size. Beads that have pictures on them are also called lampwork beads, even if they weren’t handmade.


Popular types of beads.

Today beads and beading are at the peak of their popularity. More and more women want to  make beaded jewelry, which of course will be unique. This article is written for beginners, who don’t know much about beading and making beads. So,If you want to gain some information about beads, find out new types of beads, this article will be very useful for you.

If you are looking forward to making your own beaded jewelry and are wondering how to  start, here is a small guide to the world of beads:

seed beads

* Seed beads:These are small beads which are capable of producing a detailed design.


* Metal beads:  Gold, silver,  platinum or bronze-plated beads are best chosen for lending a metallic shimmer to your bead jewelry. If you use them in your beaded bracelet, you will see that the result will be amazing.


* Cut beads: These are a bit bigger sized beads, which can  be used for sewed on using a sinew.

pony beads

* Pony beads: These are much like the seed beads, but a bit bigger in size. Jewelry made with these beads can be very detailed, and of course very beautiful. Continue reading Popular types of beads.

Making beautiful beaded bracelet…

Hello everyone. Today I shall explain to you how to make beautiful beaded bracelet.  Our goal is to make a beaded bracelet just like you can see in the picture above.

We can use different types of beads here.  For example I decided to make my beaded bracelet with the use of bugle beads and ordinary rounded beads.

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