Beaded turtle-pattern

Making beaded toys,like this turtle is rather amazing hobby. It is not very difficult to make it. Find out pattern of this beaded turtle at

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Making a beaded necklace

Credit: Monica Fiorella Jewelry/Flickr

Creating a beaded necklace requires time, patience and the right tools, but is something nearly anyone can learn to do with ease. Follow these simple steps to learn more about how to create your own beaded necklace.

Tools and Supplies
Before you can start making your necklace, it is important that you have the right beading tools and supplies available. This will ensure you bead a excellent necklace that will last a long time. You will need the following items: jewelry wire, beading needle, beading thread, beads, beading design board, a flat surface to work on, craft glue, scissors, and a pair of flat nose pliers. Continue reading Making a beaded necklace