Bead Jewelry making

Making beaded jewelry started over 3,000 years ago. Even in ancient times,beaded jewelry was very popular. It was used as a sign of social status, and only those who were in the high class were allowed to wear beaded jewelry. That’s because of the beautiful power of beads. Nowadays, you can make beautiful beaded jewelry on you own. You may be not an excellent bead maker to create elegant beaded jewelry. All you have to do is to bring out the talent in you, and then follow your ideas in making a beautiful masterpiece.
< In beading and beaded jewelry making,wire working technique,knotting technique and stringing technique are all you should know. Thickness of the string or thread is depended on kind of jewelry you are making. For example, if it is a beaded necklace or a beaded bracelet or something else.In stringing beads we never use sewing threads, because they can break easily and are not the right choice for jewelry making. Nylon threads are  most used in beaded jewelry making.

beaded bracelets

Beaded jewelry making depends on the beads you have to use to make jewelries. Beads for jewelry may differ from each other by shape and size. The most popular and frequently used types of beads are: glass beads,plastic beads,crystal beads or even silver and gold beads. Beads also differ by their color: the can be blue,red,green etc.
One of the most popular beads today are Italian seed beads. Most beaded jewelry designers use  them because these beads has varieties of shapes,colors and designs.

A beaded jewelry set is an ideal gift for women, because beaded jewelry is unique and very beautiful and seem to be not that expensive as other jewelries are.
In beaded jewelry making,you will need some materials, some information which you can easily search on the Internet. So, now you know all information about making beaded jewelry. Good luck.

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