Beaded Bags


14 count Black Aula 30 cm wide x 60 cm beads (12″ x 24″).
50 cm x 40 cm (20″ x 16) Medium Weight Iron .
Black Satin Lining I:ahric 50 cm x 40 cm 50 cm x 40 cm Medium Weight Black Card.
1 m 7 mm Black Cord. 1 Skein Raj Mahal Black Art.
Silk Thread Double sided tape. Loop hall of frog closure Lincraft J-130
Small black Button with shank.

Stitch heads onto Aida using a half cross stitch with two strands of stranded cotton and a #28 Tapestry needle.. Match cotton and heads as per colour key.



Trace gusset and outline of pattern from needlework onto transparent paper. Cut card slightly smaller than needlework and cover the outside edge of one side with doublesided tape. Trim needlework 1 cm  away from stitching. Clip corners and mitre points. Turn excess fabric to back of headwork and press down. Insert card between back of beadwork and turned fabric. Using doublesided tape, secure the turned fabric to the back of the card. This is now treated as one piece.

Reinforce the top of the hag where it folds over to form tар, with a 1 cm x width strip of card, using doublesided tape. Cut violene slightly smaller than Item 1. Iron onto wrong side of the satin. Cut, leaving a 1 cm excess all around the violene. Mitre corners and clip points. Press and fold excess fabric to hack.
Bull ends of cord together and stitch together securely as this will take the weight of the hag.

Using doublesided tape, secure cord to reinforcing strip at fold of top of bag. Cut four gussets from satin, and two from violene. Iron Violene to wrong side of two gusset pieces and stitch one plain and one violene gusset right sides together around the curved edges, leaving the top open. Repeat for the other gusset. Turn gussets to right side, fold top hem to inside and slip stitch closed. Fold gusset in half lengthwise, press down and machine stitch the crease. Gussets fold to center of bag.

Stitch gussets into bag, starting at bottom and using ladder stitch. Stitch both side fronts first, then the backs. Make a 4 ply cord from the silk thread. The cord needs to be long enough to cover the two sides back, front and both edges (approximately 1.5 metres (60′)). Carefully  stitch cord around the edges of the bаr, hiding stitches and edges of gussets. Stitch frog loop onto wrong side of center point bag, with edge of loop overhanging the edge of the bag. Securely, stitch the button on: front of bag, in appropriate position  for loop, using strong thread and secure well.

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