Beaded Christmas Tree

Hello everyone. Today we gonna make a beaded Christmas Tree.  So we shall need some tools for it:

1.some wire ( green)

2.some beads,also green

3. and of course scissors

So,lets start our work.  As usual, all steps you can see on the pictures,that foollow each other.

Lets cut the wire into 15-25 cm size small wires, they will be used as a branches of our Christmas Tree.

The more branches you make, the more beautifull you tree will be.

So, how to make branches, lets follow the pictures:

This is the technology of making branches.  After you make some quality of branches, the most interesting part of work will start. We should connect them with each other. Lets see how it’s made:

After it’s done, we should thing about a small spot , where our tree will be “planted”.

I used this:

 As you can see, the branches don’t look pretty good, so we should fix them like that:


 Our Christmas Tree is ready now. It will look more pretty if we hand some small toys on it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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