Beaded Golden Fish

Hello everyone. Today we are going to make  beaded Golden Fish, just like you see at the picture.Some may think that its very hard to do it but I will say that such golden fish can be made by anyone.

So, lets start our work. We will need for our work:

1. Glass for cognac( like you can see at the photo)

2 .Beads(red,green and golden)

3. Scissors

4. Some glue

5. Wire

6.   2  plastic circles( more info you can find in post)

Thats All tools that we will need in todays lesson. Lets start working..

For the first, we should make some seaweed. I think that it would not be a problem. Take a look at the photo.


After seaweed are made, we will need to get some plastic circles:

Do you understand why this circle is needed for ?  If no, take a look at the following picture:


Well, after you make all this stuff, It’s time to make a beaded golden fish. Here you can see the scheme(pattern) of the gold beaded fish we are going to create.



And this is our result




Than It’s time to decorate our small “aquarium”.


 We should take our Glass for cognac and pour some glue at the bottom.

Then fill some beads.  It should look like :



Then Put our gold fish between the  seaweed and decorate the top of the glass:



Thats All.  Good luck with your projects!  will be very happy to view some comments…


3 thoughts on “Beaded Golden Fish”

  1. it would be really nice if you would describe in more details how to make the gold fish…

  2. I agree with KatQaaa. You said it’s very easy to make and that everybody can make it. I believe you, but I couldn’t make it because I didn’t understand your drawing.

    P.S. I’m sorry if the grammar isn’t correct. I live in the Netherlands and I only had a half year English at school, because I’m only 12 year old. I’m sorry 🙁

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