Beautiful beaded badges


Many teachers are required to wear I.D. badges. Wouldn’t they love to consider that badge a piece of jewelry instead of a nuisance? Here is an idea for a beaded badge holder necklace to make wearing the badge a fashion statement.

Creamy white pearls and bright gold beads aге strung to form the go-with-everything beaded necklace strap. Use woven or braided cord or matte black beads for the guys. The brightly painted wooden apple with pressed glass leaves is fitted with a large jump ring to accommodate the clip on the badge. A large variety of wooden shapes are available if you wish to create a similar badge holder for other professions.

At thirty inches long, the beaded badge holder necklace fits easily over the head. The magnetic clasp will safely break away if the badge holder becomes entangled.

Materials needed:

• 2 grams Gold silver-lined seed beads, size 11

• 22 freshwater pearls. Each * 6 mm

• 44 gold corrugated rounds, 3mm

• 2 Gold crimp beads

• 3G” braided beading wire

• 1 Magnetic clasp.

• 2 Green pressed glass leaves with hole
from stem to point

• 2 Gold eye pins, each 4* longer than
your leaf beads

Tools needed:

• Rat or chain nose pliers

• Round nose pliers

• Wire cutters and eye protection

• Paintbrush if needed

• Thread