Building the Sides of Beaded Box

Building the Sides

When you are satisfied with the size of the base of your box, continue to bead around the edges without increasing (every space gets only one bead).
Remember to step up as you complete each row—you arc now working with tubular peyote stitch.

After a few rows, you will find that the edges are beginning to curl upward.Keep your tension firm and, as you round the corners, carefully pinch the corner into shape. This is especially important when making a triangle box because the fewer the number of sides, the sharper the corner angle will be.


Straight and Recessed Tops Depending on the style of the box lid you choose, the sides of your box will be either straight or recessed at the top.
To bead a box that has straight sides from bottom to top, continue until your box is two rows short of the desired height. The last row should have an up bead at the corners. Now you con simply begin to make the them (Will be in next post). To bead a box with sides that arc recessed at the top, continue until your box is the desired height (about 2″ [5.1 cm] lor your practice piece). Make one or more decrease cycles, depending on the shape of the box (see sidebar on facing page). A decrease cycle is the opposite of an increase cycle hut is identical in appearance.

Decreasing for a Triangle Box

The decrease cycle for a triangle box is simple. After you have completed the first row, every subsequent row is the same.

Row 1: Макe sure you have finished the sides of your box with an up bead on either side of the corner bead. For the next row, bead the
sides as usual. When you come to a corner,omit the corner bead, and sew directly from the first up bead into the next.
Pull (irmly on the thread as you sew the first few beads following the skipped bead so that as little thread as possible shows. When
you complete this row, the corners of the box will be more defined, and the sides will begin to curl inward. Step up to begin the next row.


Row 2: Bead the next row as you did the first. When you come to a corner, you will notice that the 2 corner beads from the previous
row are practically touching. Sew through the first bead and then the next without adding a bead in between. Bead the
remaining sides in the same way, skipping a bead as you round each corner. Step up to begin the next row. When you have finished the required
number of decrease cycles for your style of lid, begin making the inner column.