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Building the Sides of Beaded Box

Building the Sides

When you are satisfied with the size of the base of your box, continue to bead around the edges without increasing (every space gets only one bead).
Remember to step up as you complete each row—you arc now working with tubular peyote stitch.

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Beaded Square Box

beaded square box

Row 1: String 4 beads, and tic in an over-hand knot (as if you are beginning to tic a shoestring), leaving an 8″ {20.3 cm) tail.
Grasp the tail tightly in the hand that is not holding the needle until you have established several rows. Sew Through the next bead.

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Beading the base for beaded boxes.

beaded box

To build the boxes, you will work with variations on peyote stitch.
Peyote stitch is a popular beadwork technique that has several variations.A more descriptive name for the stitch is “one-bead netting,” because technically it is a netted stitch with “up” beads—the beads that protrude from the row—and “down” beads—the beads that recede into the row.
The working row is always buill from the up beads. The netting contains one bead per stitch, so the result is a solid fabric of beads.

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Beaded boxes-Getting Started

beaded boxes

My little boxes are self-supporting, peyote-stitched vessels, woven with cylinder beads. I developed this technique by applying to beadwork the same principles that are used to increase in crochet.
These boxes may be as small as 1″ (2.5 cm) wide—or as large as your patience (and tension) will allow.
The process of making a box has many steps. As you complete each step, write down what you have done in case you need to refer back later in the project.

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