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Beaded Crocodile-pattern

beaded crocodile


Nowadays,it is very popular to make some small toys with beads. For example you can see the schemes of making a beaded tiger and some other animals in my previuos posts.

Today’s post is about beaded crocodile. It is not difficult to make but looks rather amazing.

Find out the best beading pettern of crocodile. Read More

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Beaded Bracelet – Hugs and Kisses Pattern

Today we will learn how to make a beaded bracelet like you see in the photo above. This pattern is often referred to as a “Hugs & Kisses” design. With the help of the pattern, you will easily manage to create this beautiful beaded bracelet.

For the Hugs and Kisses bracelet you will need two sizes of beads: large beads and smaller beads with size 11/0.  Continue reading Beaded Bracelet – Hugs and Kisses Pattern

Making beautiful beaded bracelet…

Hello everyone. Today I shall explain to you how to make beautiful beaded bracelet.  Our goal is to make a beaded bracelet just like you can see in the picture above.

We can use different types of beads here.  For example I decided to make my beaded bracelet with the use of bugle beads and ordinary rounded beads.

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