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Beaded turtle-pattern

Making beaded toys,like this turtle is rather amazing hobby. It is not very difficult to make it. Find out pattern of this beaded turtle at

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Beaded Bracelet – Hugs and Kisses Pattern

Today we will learn how to make a beaded bracelet like you see in the photo above. This pattern is often referred to as a “Hugs & Kisses” design. With the help of the pattern, you will easily manage to create this beautiful beaded bracelet.

For the Hugs and Kisses bracelet you will need two sizes of beads: large beads and smaller beads with size 11/0.  Continue reading Beaded Bracelet – Hugs and Kisses Pattern

Beaded Golden Fish

Hello everyone. Today we are going to make  beaded Golden Fish, just like you see at the picture.Some may think that its very hard to do it but I will say that such golden fish can be made by anyone.

So, lets start our work. We will need for our work:

1. Glass for cognac( like you can see at the photo)

2 .Beads(red,green and golden)

3. Scissors

4. Some glue

5. Wire

6.   2  plastic circles( more info you can find in post)

Thats All tools that we will need in todays lesson. Lets start working..

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Beaded Christmas Tree

Hello everyone. Today we gonna make a beaded Christmas Tree.  So we shall need some tools for it:

1.some wire ( green)

2.some beads,also green

3. and of course scissors

So,lets start our work.  As usual, all steps you can see on the pictures,that foollow each other.

Lets cut the wire into 15-25 cm size small wires, they will be used as a branches of our Christmas Tree.

The more branches you make, the more beautifull you tree will be.

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Beaded Smile

Hello everyone. Today I’ll teach you how to make such a beautiful smile using beads and threads.

So,lets start… We’ll need beads of two colours: black and yellow, and of course some threads.

All actions that follow each other are explaned in schemes on the pictures,so follow pictures and you will make a beaded smile.

If you have some problems understanding the schemes just post here and I’ll give you more detailed information or a good advice….. So,follow the pictures

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The Best Christmas Present- Glass beads

Glass beads are the perfect remedy for anybody struggling with what to get their loved ones for Christmas this year. They are classy, stylish and best of all, if you know the right place to buy them, incredibly affordable, so if you have been wondering what yo get your friends and family, then worry no more and invest in some glass beads!

Glass beads can add class and style to any outfit, be it either complementing a sparkling new outfit or vamping up a tired one that needs a little life breathing into it; all in all, they are the perfect gift for anybody who has even the tiniest bit of style and taste in the way that they look… and even if they don’t, teach them to take a pride in their appearance and shower them with these great gifts!

So, this Christmas you can either be one of the people who every body secretly resents when they hand over a voucher to spend in a department store, or you can be that person that everybody secretly resents because they have got the greatest present around the Christmas tree… the choice seems pretty obvious!

Christmas is a time for giving, but it is also a time for reflection and looking at what one has in each others’ friendships; what better way to show your friends and family that you love them than with a set of glass beads that they will instantly love? Go on, treat your mates to some really great pieces of jewellery; they will thank you endlessly and it will certainly up the ante up for your next Christmas present!

Also, the real kicker is that these glass beads are not anywhere near as expensive as you may think that they should be; not, that is, if you shop for them online at one of the generous websites that offers such great bargains to those customers who use the internet to procure these items.

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