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Beaded turtle-pattern

Making beaded toys,like this turtle is rather amazing hobby. It is not very difficult to make it. Find out pattern of this beaded turtle at

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Beaded Easter Eggs

Have you ever thought of decorating your Easter Eggs with beads? Today’s post will tell you how to create a colorful beaded Easter egg.

Decorating Easter eggs with beads is an interesting challenge because of the shape. There are literally millions of patterns that you could come up with to cover your egg. In the end you will get beautiful beaded Easter eggs that will have a unique design. Continue reading Beaded Easter Eggs

Beaded Bags


14 count Black Aula 30 cm wide x 60 cm beads (12″ x 24″).
50 cm x 40 cm (20″ x 16) Medium Weight Iron .
Black Satin Lining I:ahric 50 cm x 40 cm 50 cm x 40 cm Medium Weight Black Card.
1 m 7 mm Black Cord. 1 Skein Raj Mahal Black Art.
Silk Thread Double sided tape. Loop hall of frog closure Lincraft J-130
Small black Button with shank.

Stitch heads onto Aida using a half cross stitch with two strands of stranded cotton and a #28 Tapestry needle.. Match cotton and heads as per colour key. Continue reading Beaded Bags

Beaded Necklace-“Emerald”

Hello dear readers. I haven’t shared anything for you for a long time to now I want to share a pattern of rather unique beaded necklace called “Emerald”.

So what should we need:

1. “Golden” beads with diameter  about 2 mm.

2. A few “golden” balls, which size is about 7-8 mm.

3. Green beads with diameter 5 mm

4. Small “golden” lock.

Take a look at the picture. This are the materials that we should have.

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