Lac Beads – one of the most unique types of beads

Lac beads are among of the most unique beads in the world. The beads from a natural and eco-friendly substance called lac. Lac is a resinous substance which is secreted by tiny lac insects which belong to the Kerriidae family. The most widely known lac insect in India is known as “kerria lac kerr”. Lac is also used to make shellac and red dyes. India is still the leading producer of lac but today lac is also harvested in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, parts of China, and Mexico.

Generally, lac beads are handmade and require an expert craftsmanship to give them an exclusive shape. To make lac beads, the lac is heated which softens it and makes it workable. The lac is then layered on a thin metal base which provides support. Lac beads can be found in varying shapes such as round beads, square beads, heart shaped beads, bell beads, and egg shaped beads and many other unusual shapes.

Lac beads can be found in many colors and designs. The lac bead is usually painted with several colors and coated with polish, providing a shiny luster which gives the beads an exotic look. Lac beads are often embellished with bits of mirrors, cut-stones, metal rings, tiny small beads and other accessories give these beads a royal look.

Many types of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants can be made using lac beads. Apart from making jewelry, lac beads can also be used to decorate homes. For example, during Christmas these beads can be used to decorate Christmas trees.

Lac beads are very unique and different from other types of beads. For people who are in search of a different type of beads, lac beads can turn out to be a great choice.

Articles made up of lac beads give a graceful and tempting touch to the decor. Lac is delicately used to make beautiful lac beads which truly combine colors with superlative designs.

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  1. Lac beads are generally handmade traditional Indian beads which are adorned with faceted glass chips, rhinestones, seed beads, small brass/metal components and other numerous accessories. Every individual bead is actually work of the art!

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