Beaded Bracelet – Hugs and Kisses Pattern

Today we will learn how to make a beaded bracelet like you see in the photo above. This pattern is often referred to as a “Hugs & Kisses” design. With the help of the pattern, you will easily manage to create this beautiful beaded bracelet.

For the Hugs and Kisses bracelet you will need two sizes of beads: large beads and smaller beads with size 11/0. 

To make this beaded bracelet you will also need 2 beading needles. 

Here is the pattern. Just follow this and you will easily create a beaded bracelet like the one at the top of this post.

If you want your Hugs and Kisses bracelet to be unique and differ from others, use different types of beads and combine their colors as you like.  Good luck!


13 thoughts on “Beaded Bracelet – Hugs and Kisses Pattern”

  1. Thank You for sharing this wondefull tutorial.
    I have seen this design..but did not know how to make it.
    Can’t wait to try it.
    It is SO easy..THANK YOU
    Halina in Australia

  2. I’m new at beading . I don’t understand the picture, how do you get the first 6 beads on? Then after you have strung on the smaller beads, how do you continue to add the bigger beads? Thanks.

    1. first you do the RAW base and when you reach the desired length then embelish with the little beads

        1. oh no problem!!! we’re all beaders, and i know if i just started i would be so lost!!!

  3. I love this “Hugs & Kisses” pattern and was wondering if you have the “Double Hug & Kisses” pattern? I have not been beading long, however, I really did enjoy doing this pattern many times in different colors. I am trying to find a pattern for a friend that has a bracelet and maybe you can help me? It has a gem In it. The middle has a lot of drop down pendants either size 15 bead with a size 4 to 6 swarovski bicone crystal encircling the gem. I hope this helps. Thank you.


    Marion Clayton

  4. you are such a kind person, thanks for all the pretty pattern that u share with us……thank u thank u thank u

  5. The hugs and kisses bracelet pattern with additional embellishing appeared in a Bead & Button issue.
    Does anyone know which issue it is.
    Thank you for sharing your Hugs And Kisses directions and photo. So very helpful and
    So generous of you.

    1. I am new at beading how do you bead together the raw beads first pattern. thank you.

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