Making beautiful beaded bracelet…

Hello everyone. Today I shall explain to you how to make beautiful beaded bracelet.  Our goal is to make a beaded bracelet just like you can see in the picture above.

We can use different types of beads here.  For example I decided to make my beaded bracelet with the use of bugle beads and ordinary rounded beads.

Besides small beads, we shall need such a big beads. You can see them at the picture right here:

 So, let’s start beading.

Count 14 beads and make like this:

Our second step is to make a loop.  We should make our needle slip through the 11th bead. Look here:

We will get something like that:

Now we are going to make another loop just like the previous one. Don’t forget to slip the needle through the 11th bead.

 And once more:

That way, the first part of our beaded bracelet is ready.

Then, add 24 beads

Now we should make one more loop.  Count 11 beads from the end and make a loop:

We are going to make 2 more loops to make it look like

Make a few more loops to make our work look like:

Now connect the end and the start:

8 thoughts on “Making beautiful beaded bracelet…”

  1. Please could I have the rest of the instructions to finish this bracelet.
    It is truly beautiful and I would like to get the centre finished.

    1. Look in the Marie Leseuer book, Dentelles aux Crystals (or something like that.) The instructions will be in French but the pictures are clear.

  2. Please could I have the rest of the instructions to finish this bracelet, the centre, as it is beautiful

  3. Hello. I can’t see the pictures. Can you repost them or send them to me, or tell me where i can find this very same instructional picture bracelet.

  4. It’s a very nice project. I will try it today and I hope i will make it. Thank you for such a beautiful patern

  5. Awesome pattern, fell in love with it.
    Can I get the rest of the pattern, would love to complete
    my bracelet?


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