Our Beaded Projects


Hello everyone.  Happy to see you at beads-making.com – one of the most unusual beading websites.

We have been online for about 3 months already and now are going to make something interesting for you, my dear readers and followers.

For the first I would like to make a Twitter account where maybe some of you would follow me.

My second idea, and I think it’s more valuable is to make a special photo album where all of you will be able to upload photos of your handmade jewelry or handmade beaded trees and toys.  I have already made 3 beaded trees and a few beaded jewelry items (necklaces) on my own.  So, what do you think about this idea?  Will it be interesting for you?  Will you upload your projects and photos?

Hope you will write down your ideas and suggestions in comments. It is very important for me.  So, I’m waiting for your comments.

5 thoughts on “Our Beaded Projects”

  1. hey i love these bracelets and would love to get the pattern or a tutorial on how to make them

  2. Absolutely awesome site. I don’t know if this comment is a little late in coming but I think your idea of the album where everyone can upload pictures is brilliant. Have you made it yet? It’s been awhile since I checked your site.
    Love the bracelets, do you think it’s possible to put up a tutorial for them?
    Again, love your site!
    Keep up the good work,
    Fellow beader.

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