Beadwork has an old history.For example, in Ancient Russia there was a tradition to sew on sundresses, shirts, headdresses and footwear with multi-coloured beads. It Was considered that it was not only clothes ornament, but also protection against a malefice and any evil spirits.


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Make Beads-How to start



A variety of beads gives to needlewomen unprecedented  open space in creativity. Thats why the spheres of its application have spreaded outside the limits for a long time habitual weaving of bracelets and an embroidery on clothes. All new and new technicians make a rich palette of colours of beads, a variety of its forms, fine compatibility with many materials. The bugles and a beads widely use in an interior, knitting.

Making beads does not demand special skills unless there is some patience and taste of art. It is unessential to begin work with expensive Czech or Japanese beads, it is possible to be trained on old beads or large beads. Schemes of beads making, from unpretentious, to clear only to the professional, are on many sites. Besides beads in work it is possible to use bugles, cabin, medium-sized beads, stones-kaboshony, pearls and other materials.

To Make Beaded toys it is better on a copper or steel wire then the toy well holds the form and costs on an equal surface. Bracelets and a necklace spin on an elastic band, a scaffold, a monothread or a usual thread for sewing. Each material has advantages and lacks.. The embroidery and weaving turn out is better if for a basis the sewing thread undertakes. She well feels a tension, works turn out equal and strong.

Needles that are used to work with beads differ from the sewing ones. Usually they are very thin, such that can pass through beads  and easily drag behind itself a thread.

Before starting the first serious work, try to train on samples. Weave 2-3 numbers in several technicians, look which of them  will be more pleasant for you? Probably, you begin to spin all works as an easy openwork chain-dagger, or on the contrary become the fan of dense thorough mosaic weaving. After were defined with technicians, it is possible to start ornament weaving, at last.

For work with beads are necessary:

– The scheme printed on a paper. So easier to trace numbers which you have already weaved. It is possible even to delete them.

– A beads or bugles according to colours on the scheme.  Tt is better to put Beads in flat capacities on colours (covers from  saucers) or on a slice of a fleecy fabric – a thick woollen cloth, a velvet. Then they will not run up on a table and they will be easy for stringing on a needle.

– A thread, a scaffold, a wire or a monothread.

– A beaded needle


— Scissors

–And the patience.  it is necessary  attribute of the beginning needlewoman much.
Good Luck!