Popular types of beads.

Today beads and beading are at the peak of their popularity. More and more women want to  make beaded jewelry, which of course will be unique. This article is written for beginners, who don’t know much about beading and making beads. So,If you want to gain some information about beads, find out new types of beads, this article will be very useful for you.

If you are looking forward to making your own beaded jewelry and are wondering how to  start, here is a small guide to the world of beads:

seed beads

* Seed beads:These are small beads which are capable of producing a detailed design.


* Metal beads:  Gold, silver,  platinum or bronze-plated beads are best chosen for lending a metallic shimmer to your bead jewelry. If you use them in your beaded bracelet, you will see that the result will be amazing.


* Cut beads: These are a bit bigger sized beads, which can  be used for sewed on using a sinew.

pony beads

* Pony beads: These are much like the seed beads, but a bit bigger in size. Jewelry made with these beads can be very detailed, and of course very beautiful.

* Charlotte beads:These beads are quiet rare. They are  round, true-cut beads with fewer facets.
* Bugle beads: These are small tubular beads which are used for decoration.
* Plastic beads: These are an inexpensive alternative to glass beads, often used in projects by children who are just beginning to learn to bead.
* Glass and crystal beads: These are one of the most popular type of beads. The major name in this segment, boasting the finest cut and purity, is Swarovski crystal beads.
* Clay beads: Though they are  called clay beads, they are not  made from clay. Clay beads originate from a combination of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a color pigment and a product that gives it a plastic-like texture.

These are just a few of the many types of beads. Because of their popularity, beads are becoming more and more varied. So, if you’ll make the right choice, you will get unique beaded jewelry. If you are interested in beading, you may also read the article about making handmade beaded jewelry.
Good luck and happy beading with www.beads-making.com

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