Troll Beads.

troll beads

Troll beads are one of the most popular and most unique types of beads. But what are troll beads?  Troll beads are beads that have history, they can tell you their own story.

Troll beads have been around for 30 years, but they are still very popular becouse of their design. Collecting these beads is a real entertening hobby for bead jewelry lovers. There is a large variety of troll beads. Everyone can create unique troll bead bracelet or troll bead necklace with the help of troll beads. The only limit that you’ll have is your own mind and imagination.

Another reason, why troll beads are so popular today is that they can show your personal sence of style . Troll beads can be made of different materials : silver, gold, glass.