Types of beads

Nowadays,there are a lot of different types of beads. They differ from each other by shape,colors,height. Here you can find some of the most popular types of beads.

Natural opaque colours – the natural colour opaque beads – it’s made of opaque glass of various colourings , without a brilliant covering. They are used under the term “ceramics”.Successfully”porcelain” approaches for any embroidery and weaving of any products, especially in ornamental in a combination to beads.

Natural transparent colours ­ – transparent beads with natural colours – beads,made of colour glass without an additional covering. It is recommended for manufacturing of colours, and just as a basis at weaving with imposing. Use in an embroidery is limited by that the used thread and an outline can appear through

Transparent Beads


Metallic colours – a metallic colour – opaque beads painted «under metal»  bright tones. It is applied to an embroidery of pictures and manufacturing of souvenirs.

 Metallic colours

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